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Den lilla butiken med det stora sortimentet

If you are looking for a really simple website template with a basic dual-column layout that is easy to get started with, then Variant Duo may be a good starting point. This template is completely free and may be used without any limitations or obligations. I kindly ask you to leave the design credit link in the footer if you use this template to build a website or if you convert it into a theme for any content management system, but it is only a request and not a requirement.

You can find additional material and variations of this template, as well as articles and tutorials on how to build websites using templates, on

Dual columns (if wanted)

This is a somewhat different template, as it uses two content columns of equal width. If you would prefer using a single column with full width, you can do so by removing the div tags with classes "left" and "right" from the HTML. You can also adjust the widths of the two columns to create a narrow sidebar on either side while giving more space for a content column. As always, a website template is only a starting point. Feel free to experiment and drop into the template forum if you need help or want to show the world how you have used this template.

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